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Bringing our roots and heritage to a societal integration in this modern times through fashion has been NIñOFRANCO’s lifelong vision. We envision transforming a western-minded Philippines into a culturally-enriched nation that gives livelihood to individuals and communities who safe-kept the true art of the Philippines.


With this in mind, NIñOFRANCO builds and fosters creative partnerships with ethnolinguistic mainly in Mindanao region. And become a leading brand in creating contemporary ethnic pieces that are uniquely Filipino and Mindanaoan.



NIñOFRANCO’s evolution with it’s contemporary ethnocentric collections and one-of-a-kind pieces made collaboratively from the heart of Mindanao.

NIñOFRANCO fuses modern fashion with the tradition of Mindanaoan heritage from different ethno-linguistic groups, namely: (1) Bagobo Tagabawa (2) Tboli (3) Blaan, and (4) Tagakaulo.

Wilson Limon

Wilson is a creative and innovation champion. He is a committed creative director with over 10 years of hands-on experience in fashion, product design and branding innovation. He is also a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Mindanao Trade Expo Foundation. His conviction to progress the Filipino culture led him to establish NIñOFRANCO.


His passion to grow his brands goes beyond business and profit. His primary motivation is to ensure the longevity of Filipino ethnic artistry in the ever-changing world. His main goal, as a creative director is to bridge the local weaver community to the international market through collaborative creation of quality and authentic products.

His high design caliber was honed through years of seamless education in Arts and Fashion, and experience as a student entrepreneur.

His dedication and expertise go beyond the brands he develops. He’s also a serving consultant to the Philippines Region XI Department of Trade and Industry.

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